MSN Production Interface

A web interface that allowed ImagineMediaWorks to produce more than 20 powerpoint decks a week for MSN sales team. The work was done 24/7 by 3 teams in China : data pull, design and QA.

The process starts with MSN employees submitting new creative request for sales powerpoint decks that they need. They put in the client’s name, brief argument they’d like to make (i.e. advertising money moving from traditional media to the web) and brief description of what each slide should contain

The request then gets sent to 3 different teams:Research, Design and Management.

The research team pulls the data, put them in appropriate format (i.e bar graph, pie chart, etc.) then upload the content in slides through the interface.

In parallel, the design team creates a custom cover slide incorporating the client’s brand. As soon as they get notified that the content for the slides have been uploaded by the research team, they would download those slides and start applying the MSN styling based on the style guide that we created. After they’re done with the cover ands styling, they upload the powerpoint file back into the system to pass on to the QA team.

The QA team then goes through the same process. They have a set of guidelines for reviewing the visual as well as the data.

If the QA team finds any issue, the respective team will be notified to fix it. Otherwise, the QA team approves it and an email notification gets sent to the client with a direct link to download the finished deck. At this point, our accounting department also gets notified.

At any time, management user group can view the work. This is particularly helpful when we had to troubleshoot issues or, in few occasions, helped the team with production work.


service designer, creative director, producer, information architect